25 Super Fun Virtual Team Building & Icebreaker Activities



Virtual Team Building Icebreaker Activities


This resource is for teachers, students can most definitely have access to them to see the directions. In this icebreaker and team building resource you will find 25 different engaging icebreakers and team building activities that can be done during back to school time or during the school year. All of these engaging distant learning activities are perfect to set class culture and to have some informal fun online.


In this resource you will find:


  1. Picture Share
  2. School Year Bucket List
  3. Perfect Vacation
  4. Two Truths & One Lie
  5. Never Have I Ever
  6. Baby Photo Share
  7. Build a Storyline
  8. Show & Tell
  9. Aliens Have Landed
  10. Deserted Island
  11. Pin the MapĀ 
  12. Pictionary
  13. Bingo
  14. Scavenger Hunt
  15. Rose/Thorn
  16. Rank It
  17. Round Robin Shout Out
  18. Karaoke – With Links to Channels
  19. Favorite Things
  20. Get Fit – With Links to Channels
  21. Articulate
  22. Ten Common Things
  23. Random Questions
  24. STEM Challenge – With Material List
  25. Remote Lunch


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