NGSS Engineering Design: Rube Goldberg Machines (Motion & Stability)


Rube Goldberg Machine: Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions

This resource is jam packed with content. You will find:


  1. Standards
  2. Simple Machine Examples (video and image)
  3. Rube Goldberg Machines Examples (video and image)
  4. Part One: Chain Reaction (links to videos)
  5. Part Two: Simple Machines
  6. Part Three: Simple Machines
  7. Part Four: Engineering Design
  8. Part Five: Showcase & Share
  9. STEM Lesson Rubric
  10. Student Pages
  11. Material List
  12. Who is Rube Goldberg?
  13. Video Notes
  14. Chain Reaction
  15. Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt
  16. Video Notes
  17. Engineering Design
  18. Student Reflection Page

I had a blast creating this resource, because it has a been a huge source of joy in my classroom! I hope you enjoy it as well.



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This is by far my most favorite STEM unit to teach! This also works great for distant learning and I have been over the moon with the results (examples included in the product). And if you don’t know what a Rube Goldberg Machine is, no need to worry, I created a scripted, detailed unit for teachers.

Combine NGSS engineering design, motion/stability and forces and interactions standards into one unit by teaching Rube Goldberg Machines! In this unit students will create their own Rube Goldberg Machine after learning about chain reactions, simple machines, forces and interactions and motion and stability.









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