Piece of Cake! No Bake Cooking in the Classroom



No Bake Cooking in the Classroom (Virtual): Banana Bread Balls

This was the most unique unit I have EVER taught and I’m so happy I broke out of my comfort zone to do it, because it was super fun. Edible science! Science in the kitchen! No bake cooking in the classroom.


Science: Let’s talk about how heavy cream becomes butter, how yeast makes bread rise, the binding properties of sugar or how effervescent materials work.


Math: Let’s ensure we properly measure our ingredients. And I mean, one student even said, “Oh! I’m learning about fractions in math!” *Ah ha moment*


Tech: Let’s use these tools to hone our cooking skills. Tech does not mean robots and gadgets. Tech is anything we use to help with work or improve a skill. We use tech even when we think we aren’t.


Engineering: When do we not say, “let’s make this better!” when we cook, it’s a natural part of the process.


Bon Appetit!


In this resource you will find:


  1. Lessons
  2. Standards
  3. Icebreakers
  4. Method & Materials
  5. Quiz
  6. Reflections


I hope you enjoy this and happy teaching!

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Happy Teaching!


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