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We pride ourselves in being an exceptional clinic where your kids come first

Our practice works hard to meet the needs of children from infancy through college.  Compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive staff is the cornerstone of quality care.

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Dr. Labian Luann
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Dr. Cedric Conner
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My sons keen interest for Lego lead me to enrol him for this class on robotics as he always liked creating things and I can see that under Emines guidance the passion has just increased and he just loves going for this class and creating robots. His dream is to be create a robot all by himself with movements and become a Lego champ and I'm sure with Emines love and passion he will achieve it..thanks a ton and love this class..the best you can get for your kid.”
Piya Kapoor
“Amazing classes - my children love going! Highly recommended.”
Michelle Parker
“My son absolutely loved Emine’s Lego class. I was amazed at the words and concepts he was talking about at age 4. Levers, gears, inclined planes, pulleys etc. Unfortunately we had to stop class as we moved out of India and we haven’t found a similar option yet! I would highly recommend Emine’s class for all kids especially ones interested in mechanics and construction. PS: she also uses Lego to teach geography and the Alphabet.”
Simran Deshraj
A Wake-up Story

Watch the video and learn how to protect your family from everyday hazards!

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