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It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and update everyone on what I have been doing. Since coming to the US I started teaching summer school for the local district. It has been a serendipitous experience and I am so grateful for it. 

I am the enrichment teacher and the topic for summer school is gardening! I will post a whole blog post on how I run the gardening program, but needless to say I am most definitely doing this the minute schools in India open up. It has been wonderful and I got my mojo back in the classroom. 

I really missed being in the classroom and felt like a part of me came alive again. With that said, I did want to offer some more stem activities for kids that can be done online. Before I signed off for my summer school position I ended a fantastic virtual unit on magnets for kids. So that is what I will be outlining for you all. Enjoy!

Magnets for Kids Science

The introduction was pretty simple. I used the magnets from Kit 4 Curious, but loose magnets can be bought anywhere for pretty cheap and I do suggest buying them. My two year old and I had fun placing magnets all over the floor and she ran around attracting them with a wand. It’s a cheap purchase with loads of ideas.

Content wise, I began the unit just introducing basic terms of magnet science. During virtual learning I try to keep the theoretical content at a minimum. My class is enrichment so the kids come to me for a creative, hands-on space. 

I talked about poles, magnetic fields, attract and repel. We then went ahead and created a magnetic wand using craft sticks and tape.



Magnet Maze

The next portion of magnetism for kids STEM, we created a magnetic maze so the children could get used to moving things with magnets. This was a great opportunity to talk about high speed trains and roller coasters that use magnets to move. 



Magnet Puppet Show

Here’s where things got really fun! I thought why not create a magnetic puppet show! The first session was about planning. I asked the students to map out their stories. They had to decide on who the characters were, where was the setting going to be, what was the problem and what was the solution. We then talked about materials they might need to build then they set off building! 

Magnetism for Kids


Puppet Shows

The last day was dedicated towards showtime! The students went ahead and showcased their awesome work!

I was really blown away by some of the results and submissions! Who knew magnets could be so fun and creative! I definitely suggest trying this stem project for kids out!

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