Last day of school

We did it! We survived the 2020-21 school year! Something we should genuinely be grateful for. End of the school year activities are a fantastic way to end the year on a high note and we all need a little joy once in a while. Let’s celebrate the last day of school and all our achievements! 

All things considered so much growth occurred this year both personally and professionally and we should honor how brave and courageous we all have been during these trying times.


End of the School Year Activities for Virtual Learning


1) 4 Corners

Open the dice roller on Google and share your screen. Ask students to type a number in the chat between 1-6. Roll the dice, whoever has the number that is rolled is out. This is just a fun, no brainer type of game to get students giggling and engaged. 


2) Pictionary

Pull up a list of words. Allow students access to share their screens and make sure to turn off attendee annotations. Play Pictionary using the whiteboard option. 


3) Toy Theater

This is a very fun website for students to play different educational games. Make sure to check out the Art section. A fun game is “Sticker”. Students can create animations and change backgrounds. No need to create an account, students can access the games right away. 


4) Scavenger Hunt

Set a timer on Google and share your screen. You can even Google the scavenger hunt and share it from the images section of Google. After you choose a scavenger hunt list, set the timer for 5 minutes and add constraints for example students have to find 5-6 things. Allow students time to run around and find the items. 


5) Flipgrid Farewell

Have students upload pictures or videos of themselves talking about the school year, saying their goodbyes, talking about their favorite memories or anything that brings them joy. It’s a great memento for the school year. 


6) Six Word Memoir

Have students come up with six words that describe the school year. You can then take all their words and upload them to a word cloud and see what any recurring words are. 


7) Summer Time Bucket List

Open up Jamboard and share the link with students. Change the settings so anyone with a link can make changes. Use the sticky note function allow students to add things they would like to do over the summer.

end of the school year


End of the School Activities for In Person Learning



8) What I Learned from A-Z

In this end of the school year activity you will find student pages that include all 26 letters of the alphabet. Students write a description of what they learned including an illustration to depict it.




9) Thank You Notes

In this end of the school year activity you will find student pages that include a list of people students can thank in their lives plus six different templates with six different prompts. What better way to end the school year than giving thanks!



10) Hopes & Dreams

In this end of the school year activity you will find four different prompts for students to document their hopes and dreams for summer and next school year. Students write a description or illustrate it.




11) Year in a Glance + Reflection 

In this resource you will see two sheets seen in the thumbnail. A Year in a Glance where students can reflect on the school year and a Looking Back and Moving Forward page.


end of the school year


End of the Year Activities for the Whole Group


12) School Year Timeline

Using a large piece of chart paper and create a massive timeline of the school year. You can assign different months to small groups of students and then reflect on the school year as a whole group.


13) Class Seal 

Assign students into small groups and have each group create a class seal. Present each on to the class and decide on one that can be the class seal. This can even be done at the beginning of the school year. 


14) Letters to Next Year

Have students write letters to the students of the next school year. They can give them advice, talk about memories and tell them what to look forward to. This is such a cute way to welcome the next group of students as well. 


15) Take a field trip to the next grade

Take students on a field trip to their potential classes and new teachers. It’s a fun way to break the ice with their new teachers and gives them something to look forward to. 





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