When the pandemic hit I was certain I would never be able to teach my heart out again. For the past five years I’ve been able to be as creative as I want in the classroom by teaching STEM activities for kids, but still standard aligned.

I started getting inquiries during the beginning of lockdown on if I was going to start classes online. How was I going to take a completely hands-on, tactile class and move it to a virtual setting?

I started slow with my STEM ideas.  I keep materials simple and STEM challenges simple. Now, eight months later I finally have my rhythm back to the point where I’m bringing robotics back into the digital STEM classroom.

My advice. Keep it simple, keep it open-ended, and have an emotional hook.

I really put my heart and soul into this one. It took me a while to find my spark again. Being away from a physical school is really hard. I somehow managed to marry my love for reading with my love for teaching STEM!

I wrote a short story where students are the heroes as they help our friend Luya along the way!



Winter STEM Idea #1: Build a Home

As students hear about Luya’s struggle they learn that he does not have a home to live in. The first STEm activity is for students to create a home for Luya with given constraints.

Winter STEM Idea #2: Insulation

Luya quickly learns that you can have a house, but it doesn’t matter much if it isn’t insulated well. The part of the challenge was for students to test out different insulating materials.

Winter STEM Idea #3: Squishy Circuits

It’s no fun sitting in a dark home. The next STEM activity for kids was one of my favorites! Squishy circuits! Learning how to make electrical circuits with play-dough!

Winter STEM Idea #4: Decorate

The last part of the activity asked for students to decorate the house as they pleased. This was really one of my best STEM activities for kids and I hope you like it too!

Looking for Books for Teachers?

I am a major book nerd! I love to read! I love to read everything! From fiction, non-fiction, self-help, religion, science you name it I’ll read. I think it is important for teachers to expand beyond their content area and normal teacher books. Books for teachers don’t have to just be about pedagogy and practice. Books for teachers can be about politicians, sci-fi and quantum physics. Whatever expands your conscious go for it!

So without further ago here are my top 8 books for teachers:

8 Books for Teachers to Become More Creative, Purposeful and Wiser

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