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Let’s talk life skills. Boy, do I wish I had learned how to cook earlier in life. My students actually requested this kitchen science unit. It has been taught virtually all month and has been so fun! They are some super fun kitchen science experiments but also some yummy edible science. 

What better way to included standards teach life skills for kids then some easy kitchen science experiments. 


This was the most unique unit I have EVER taught and I’m so happy I broke out of my comfort zone to do it, because it was super fun. Edible science! Science in the kitchen!

I think we forget how much we are learning as adults just by doing things. And cooking is such an awesome way to teach science, math, tech and engineering.

Science: Let’s talk about how heavy cream becomes butter, how yeast makes bread rise, the binding properties of sugar or how effervescent materials work.

Math: Let’s ensure we properly measure our ingredients. And I mean, one student even said, “Oh! I’m learning about fractions in math!” *Ah ha moment*

Tech: Let’s use these tools to hone our cooking skills. Tech does not mean robots and gadgets. Tech is anything we use to help with work or improve a skill. We use tech even when we think we aren’t.

Engineering: When do we not say, “let’s make this better!” when we cook, it’s a natural part of the process.


Homemade Butter

Looking for kitchen science experiments? This month I’ll be releasing various edible science activities and cooking science experiments that I have been doing virtually if you’re looking for a STEM activity to amp up the standards. The first activity is BUTTER MAKING! This activity is aligned to NGSS Matter and its Interactions standards. This has been super fun to do virtually and although the results have varied there has been an opportunity for students to reflect on the process. As long as you have heavy cream and mason jar – shake away!


DIY Lava Lamp in a Jar

The next one is a kitchen science experiment, DIY Lava Lamp jars. I’ve been teaching STEM virtually since April, so most of everything you see here has been done online. Next up – how to make a lava lamp! Homemade lava lamps are super easy to make and a great way to discuss density, viscosity and effervescent reactions. Homemade lava lamps do not require much. Check out the video I made for kids during the beginning of the pandemic.  

Cooking With Yeast

Looking for a way to teach a super important life skill? What better kitchen science experiment to do none other then, cooking! Why not blend it was NGSS: Matter and its Interactions by cooking with yeast! Cooking with yeast is a fun way for students to learn about chemical reactions in our food. Cooking with yeast can be done virtually (as I have been doing) and in the classroom. You can scale it down to only activate the yeast or go ahead and bake the bread. Check out that beautiful loaf baked by a student at home.

No Bake Recipes for Kids

Finally, and the most fun lesson of the uni was No Bake Banana Bread Balls. During this lesson students discussed the different binding properties of sugar. We also tinkered with and tweaked our recipes to make them super yummy! Like add chocolate, vanilla essence or chocolate syrup!

Need Help Planning?

Are looking to electrify your teaching? In the planner you’ll find a weekly planning guide where are you all have to do is choose one lesson a week or month to try to flip into a STEM experience.


STEM Lesson Planner

Looking for Some Books to Read?

I am a major book nerd! I love to read! I love to read everything! From fiction, non-fiction, self-help, religion, science you name it I’ll read. I think it is important for teachers to expand beyond their content area and normal teacher books. Books for teachers don’t have to just be about pedagogy and practice. Books for teachers can be about politicians, sci-fi and quantum physics. Whatever expands your conscious go for it!

So without further ago here are my top 8 books for teachers:

8 Books for Teachers to Become More Creative, Purposeful and Wiser

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