Looking for October Content? Here’s 3 More Engaging STEM Activities for Your Kids

Looking for October Content? Here’s 3 More Engaging STEM  Activities for Your Kids

What Can I do With My Toddler?

I get asked this almost weekly by parents. The pandemic has turned EVERYONE into a teacher or educator. My daughter and I have been really into Ms. Plemon’s Kindergarten baby program! It is the most amazing blog for the itty bitty kiddos. She has a WHOLE YEAR OF CONTENT ready for babies. For the last three weeks my daughter and I have been working on the color yellow, green and fall! Next week we’re onto blue!

It’s been a great addition to MY DAY! It breaks up my day and gives me something to look forward to. Plus, my daughter is having a blast with all the sensory activities, painting, Play-Dough and new books.



Loose Parts (Virtual & Classroom)

Moving on from homeschool activities for toddlers is one of my favorite theories of learning, loose parts. I love loose parts, because it keeps kids so exchanged, curious and active. It is the true definition of STEM learning at the preschool level. If you’re not familiar with loose parts, do make sure to check it.

In short, you give children a variety of materials to tinker with. It could be buttons, rocks, wood chips, bowls, bubbles. Anything that isn’t a traditional or commercial toy.

You don’t place any rules on the play, you place no constraints and have no expectations. You make sure the environment is safe and let the magic happen! You just let kids explore, create, tinker, make and experiment! You will be amazed with what these little minds can do!

One thing my daughter likes to do is play with soap and water.  I place one bowl of soap and water on the floor with a whisk and away she goes. She knows where the plastic containers are in our house. I allow her to access the drawer and get whatever container she thinks works best for her learning experience. She transfers away! She tries out different sized containers and even places them back into the drawer if they don’t suite her needs. It’s so cute to watch and she feels like a big girl! Plus, she’s strengthening her fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and learning how to properly navigate the house.

I created a loose parts resource for classroom and virtual learning. All the activities can be done using materials from around the house.


It’s one of my favorite manipulatives to use with preschoolers! We are still relatively early on in the school year and what better way to get students acquainted with materials and their properties then using loose parts and going on a nature walk! This is another fully scripted resources which includes a loose parts activity, a nature walk lesson and finally a sort by attributes activity using loose parts.

In this resource you will find:

  1. Merry Making: Material Exploration
  2. Nature Walk: Looking Closely
  3. Nature Sort: Sort by Attributes
  4. Student Pages (Merry Making Template, Nature Walk Checklist, Nature Sort Mat)

Halloween STEAM: Room on the Broom!


I mean who doesn’t love Julia Donalson! What a gem of a children’s author. I went ahead and made a content packed resource for you all! I spent a good amount of time making sure everything was just right!

Room on the Broom! An all time favorite with my kiddos! This stem activity for kids is another resource jam packed with content and stem activities. I even went ahead and included art and math! Room on the Broom is delightful for children to read and they will love doing these STEM and STEAM activities. This resource has fully scripted lessons for teachers that are on the move and yea, it’s 2020, so you’re welcome! You relax, let us do the work! Oh and it’s NGSS aligned! Enjoy!

In this content rich Room on the Broom STEM resource, you will find:

  • Science Lesson: Create a Beast
  • Technology: Jack-O-Lantern Coding + **a bonus Jack-O-Lantern craft
  • Engineering: Create a broom box
  • Art: Create a witch’s hat
  • Math: Broom Measurement
  • Student Pages: Engineering Design Process Sheets, Hat Template, Jack-O-Lantern Algorithm, Create Your Own Jack-O-Lantern

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Happy Teaching!

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