Building Class Culture With Team Building Icebreakers

The beginning of the school year sets the tone for the rest of the year. This year we must prioritize informal time online during distant learning to build class culture. I’m guilty of forgetting this and it shows in my students. Sometimes we need to break from the plan and just have some fun.

Team building icebreakers are easy peasy when together in person, but what about during virtual learning? I went ahead and complied a list of 25 team building icebreakers that you can use not only during back to school time, but throughout the year when the class needs a fun pick-me-up.



Classroom Management Techniques for Virtual Learning

Distant learning provides a whole new world of classroom management techniques. It’s very important to teach students how to communicate online and how to properly use the tools we are providing them. Once you have set your norms and expectations you can assess how well students have understand this with an interactive Zoom Etiquette Game. This resource can be edited on Google Slides to fit your class’ needs.

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Engaging Lessons for Distant Learning

Once you have you set class culture, norms and rules it’s time to get to work! Open-ended activities work great online! Choices, choices, choices! Provide students choices to express their multiple intelligences.

Here are some open-ended activities that can be done during the beginning of the year.



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For Middle School Teachers

Make sure to head on over to Bright in the Middle for ways to keep your middles school students engaged and learning online.

And YOU!

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! These are such hard times. So many new feelings, emotions, routines. It is scary and lonely at times, but can be exciting and new. Pencils and Playgrounds has a whole ARCHIVE of self-care tips for teachers.


Happy Teaching!

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