Interactive Choice Board Activity for Google Slides & Seesaw

How is everyone doing? Ready to go back to school? Lately I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make back to school fun, interactive and engaging for those who are partaking in distant learning.

This week I created a back to school activity that is an interactive choice board. You are welcome to edit it to fit your class’s needs.

I’m such a huge advocate for STEM education. It has a gotten a bad reputation for being extra, too hard to implement or just too much work. However, STEM education has the potential to unlock a child’s best , <——– (read more on that there) by taking learning and making it hands-on.

In this back to school activity I have included six different STEM choices. Students choose which one they like best. They can either build something using the included material list OR (my fav) use the moveable clipart to build. I included the moveable clipart for students who do not have access to the materials.

STEM doesn’t have to be hard.

What STEM is though is open-ended and collaborative. STEM is a time for students to get creative and not fear failure.




Ways to be in Tip-Top Shape for Back to School


We all know back to school time is when we set our rules and procedures in our classes. What we do now sets the tone for the rest of the year. These weeks are vital!  Systems, norms and expectations must be inculcated now so the remainder of the year is smooth sailing.

So if you’re in need of help in that department head on over to Kassandra Ingall’s post where she lays out easy tips on how to setup solid classroom procedures.

We’re all trying to figure out this distant learning experience together. Chalkboard Classroom has a fantastic post on how to setup a Google Classroom to bring your math resources up a notch.

Point being…


These times are hard enough. We’re all here to make sure you can focus on the health and well being of yourself and your students.

Are You In Need of More Back to School Activities?


If you’re looking for more easy to implement STEM activities make sure to check out some resources below:


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Happy Teaching!

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