I can’t believe we’re seeing this, but yes, teachers are going back to school and yes, in the middle of a global pandemic. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

My goal is to make STEM activities and lessons easy to implement and easy to teach. Back to school habits and routines are vital now. Students need to know how serious the situation is and we all need to work together to build proper hygiene habits in our classrooms.

My heart goes out to all the teachers being forced back into this scary situation. I hope to take the load from you so you can focus on the health and wellness of yourself and your students.

I put together a Preschool STEM Bundle focusing on hygiene and germs. This STEM bundle can be used in preschool, kindergarten and early elementary classes. I will even go on to say that it can be scaled up for upper elementary as well.

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The Preschool STEM bundle has four different components:


  1. A quick and easy pom-pom game to teach students how easily germs are spread.
  2. A bread experiment for students to actually see what they are spreading when they don’t wash their hands (*gross*).
  3. A STEM Challenge to create a new way to handshake.
  4. Songs and chants for students to remember when washing their hands.

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This is a crazy time to be a teacher. On top of the massive workload already placed on us we now need to juggle classroom management, assessments, virtual learning, core subjects, extracurriculars and engagement. It’s already difficult to get our little preschoolers to remember their hygiene habits.

We do not have to do it alone! We are not alone in this journey. Together we can still make memorable teaching memories for our students and still maintain peace of mind.

Take care of yourself! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breather and let someone help you. 

I hope through this journey I can be that person for you. If you need a break from lesson planning, I got you! If you have no idea how to add a little sugar and spice in your activities, I can help!

Times are already hard, there is no need to make them harder. 

I am looking forward to being with you and your students on this journey.

xo Emi

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